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Hello everyone!

   I feel it's been forever and it's so weird for me to be writing at this special place of mine, my blog.
As always my one and only excuse is me studying and working non-stop, having only very little precious time for myself, when I usually travel or play video games.
   Still I felt I should start writing again cause I missed this personal space of mine, where I can be creative and share my interests. So, I'm back with a brand I really like, RITUALS. Some of the products I haven't tried but some others I've already tested out. 

DISCLAIMER: I bought the products some time ago, the company has changed some packages or (partly) the name of products but the content/ingredients stay the same.


   Starting off with the famous RITUALS foam shower gels. These products make your skin really soft and at the beginning I was very curious about them, they turned out great. On the whole, what I really like about them is their subtle scent and the beautiful feeling your skin's left with after using them.
   I love the packaging, old & new, and the idea of these products as they're quite special and perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

Bottles consist of 200ml and cost ca. 8,50 €.

   I've already tried this one, which I also included at another blog post about stress relief (read it here The T'AO-TAI CHI, now named as The Ritual of Dao, with White Lotus and YiYi Ren is for me the perfect foam shower gel to use on a daily basis. I love its subtle scent and the feeling of relaxation I get after using it.

   This cute foam shower gel was a limited edition when I bought it, so I really hope I can still find a link for you guys. It's the Oriental Dream, with Creamy Cacao and Almond Milk. This one has a more intense aroma as the previous one and I would personally use it on a Saturday night. The scent is quite strong but not in a negative way. It stays on the skin, so you don't actually need a perfume.

   I still haven't used this one but I was really excited when this range came out. This foam shower gel was called Zensation and is now named The Ritual of Sakura. It consists of Organic Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom. Its scent is subtle and I think it would be suitable for the spring & summer showers.
-This package is ON SALE (find at links).


   This scrub is now named The Ritual of Sakura scrub and has a white packaging.
It belongs to the same Sakura range with Organic Rice and Cherry Blossom and is a sugar scrub. On the description of the package it mentions: " Use once or twice a week for a soft and glowing skin..." I'm really excited for this one, as I don't generally love scrubs and hope this one will change my mind!

Package: 375g
Price: ca . 19,50 €


   I already loved the Samurai shaving collection for men, ok  actually my bf loved it, as I didn't use it :P But the packaging was so beautiful! (read it here )

   This time around I bought the Samurai foam shower gel for him, with Organic Bamboo and Cedar Wood (looking at picture: left). He hasn’t used it yet but it does smell fantastic. We find though that Cedar Wood is more of a winter scent.

   What he does use is the Samurai Ice shower- cooling shower gel with Organic Bamboo and Japanese Mint. (looking at picture: right.) He really likes it as its refreshing, "ice" feeling and scent are the the perfect combination for summer showers.

Samurai Foam: Bottle 200ml. Price: ca. 8,50 €
Samurai Gel: Tube: 200ml. Price: ca. 8 €


   After using some body products by RITUALS I thought I should also try some of their skincare products.  I specifically bought a face cleanser and a face toner, both of which I tried and really liked.

   The creamy foam cleanser with Lotus Flower and Moringa Extract is a, as stated on the package, "Luxury, soap-free facial cleanser..." which, "cleanses and re hydrates for soft, supple skin". You apply it on wet face and neck and massage it into the skin. I can only confirm that it leaves the skin very soft and hydrated. It calms and soothes the skin, having also a nice sweet scent. I'd have to say I use it only on my special deep cleansing "spa-days", especially on the weekends when I have more time  for my skincare.

Tube: 125ml.
Price: 12,50 €

   On these special "spa-days" I also use this lovely Ultra Calming Facial Toner, with calming botanical extracts. As stated on the package, it is alcohol-free and has a mild formula, "It cleanses and softens the skin". I personally love this product and especially its subtle, beautiful scent.

Bottle: 200ml.
Price: 11,50 €

 So, this is everything I have from RITUALS. I generally have a positive view for this brand till now. I'd be happy to present later on some of their newest products. I think they're doing a great work with the packaging and the scents. I'd definitely like to try some day & night creams, some body-lotions and also some candles in the future.  

What do you guys think about this brand? Any suggestions, remarks?

I hope this blog post wasn't too short and I'll do my best to keep posting context. :)

I'd be happy to read your comments and remarks!

Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon, τα λέμε!

Take care!! xx


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Samurai Ice Shower Gel:

Creamy Foam Cleanser:

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