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BOX GIFT IDEAS II !! Shiseido, RITUALS. (For her & him)

hola guys!!

I'm baaaaack!! Finally I'm back to blogging.

I've been away for some months, mostly because of my uni program and exams.
But here I am again with some products I tested and would like to write about.

For this post I chose some gift boxes again as I myself gifted them the last months to favourite people of mine. 
(If you wanna see Part I :

Let's go!

For Her:
Let's start with the Shiseido IBUKI Starter Kit!
I gifted it to my sister at Christmas and also bought it for myself two months ago
I really loved this Kit!
So, below you can see the small box front and back side. You can see that on the back there is a description of each product with photos of them.
The cost of the box is between 25 to 35 euros, depending on where you find it.

In the box you will find 3 products, each package consisting of 30 ml.
A cleanser, a concentrate and a moisturizer. 
The smell of all the products is really delicate.

The Gentle Cleanser.
A rich foam that cleanses the skin by removing impurities but not the moisture.
It leaves your skin fresh and smooth.
I always use it for my night cleansing routine.

The Softening Concentrate.
After cleansing you use this product, that works in some way as a serum.
It helps the effective ingredients to deliver quickly into the skin and is perfect to use before moisturizing products.

Lastly, the Refining Moisturizer.
It corrects the unevenness of the skin, such as pores, blemish marks etc.
The skin feels refreshed, smooth and hydrated after the use.

 For Him:
I'm starting to love the company called RITUALS.
That's why I decided to gift this box to my boyfriend.
The Rituals Perfect Shave collection box, which belongs to the Ancient Samurai range.
Its cost is 17,50 to 18 euros.

As you see here, front and back side.
Front looks absolutely beautiful and back once again description and photos of the products.

The packages are also really beautiful and especially the after shave with its wonderful, wooden cap.
Here again, the smell of all products is subtle.

 Samurai Scrub.
Wakame & Bamboo.
Step 1 is the face scrub and wash that exfoliates the skin and prepare it for shaving.
The bottle consists of 30 ml.

Samurai Magic Shave.
Basil & Ginseng.
Step 2 is the mild and caring shaving cream that really protects and hydrates the skin.
Package consists of 70ml.

Samurai Shave Repair.
Basil & Tiger Grass.
Last step is this calming after shave lotion.
It smells wonderful and the bottle is really beautiful.
It consists of 30ml.

So these were my suggestions of gifts you could buy for your loved ones or yourself.

Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon, τα λέμε!

Take care!! xx

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Shiseido Ibuki Starter Kit:
Rituals Ancient Samurai Perfect Shave:

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