Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo, Book and Artist of the day! Autumn

hola guys!

How are you all doing? Today begins the last month of Autumn, which until now has been unusually sunny! I quite loved it! Beautiful sunny scenery with yellow and orange leaves everywhere! And a really warm weather as well!


So, I took this photo walking on the way to the uni. Gotta admit that I love Germany's colours in Autumn. Imagine the whole city is fulled with trees and leaves like that. As said before, the weather has been wonderful, and not rainy as always, so it has been perfect walking through the city and going for picnics in the park. :)


As mentioned often in my blog I love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogies. Unfortunately, I've only read half of the Hobbit book in Greek. So, I decided to pick it up again, in its original English version and I'm already half way through. I just love it. I feel now is a perfect time to read it!


This time I chose an artist and not a song, because I just couldn't chose one!  
Gregory Alan Isakov with his album "This Empty Northern Hemisphere".
Wonderful album, loved all the songs! Very autumnal! 

Sorry if this post was too short, I'll come back with bigger ones in December! I've got a lot of Hauls for you :D

What have you loved til now in Autumn? Book/Song suggestions?

See you soon!

Take care!! xx


Gregory Alan Isakov:

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