Friday, September 18, 2015

Summer Holiday Routine Products from Greece! +KORRES +bioten etc.

hola guys!

I'm back! I spent 21 days in my home city in Greece! I had an amazing time there! The weather was wonderful and ideal for spending the day at the beach. Of course the best part of it was seeing my family and friends!

As I spent so many days there I bought some products for my daily skin, hair and beauty routine. I'm quite pleased with those products so I decided to show them to you. I will not include prices as I bought them all in Greece and they're quite different than in other countries. Some of the products are from Greek companies, which I really support for their good quality, but you can find them in other countries too.

Here we go: 

From left to right the products I chose are:
The cleansing gel from Bioten with quince extract.
The sunsilk range for dry hair (except for the hair mask).
The CC dream skin multi corrector from Carroten.
Lastly, the Japanese Rose shower gel from KORRES.
 (Not on the photo: The Noxzema No Aroma Deodorant).
So let's start up seeing the products one by one:
This is the Sunsilk orange range for dry and damaged hair. First of is the shampoo which has a Nutrikeratin technology so as to reconstruct damaged hair and clean them. The package consists of 400ml. Next up is the Sunsilk hair conditioner which restores your dry hair, deputizing the proteins of the it. The bottle consists of 200ml. Lastly, I bought the Sunsilk leave-on cream for after washing your hair. You apply all over wet hair. Combing your hair becomes a lot easier. The bottle consists of 200ml. Overall, I am very pleased as they softened my hair and made them really shiny. The full reconstruction range consists also of the Sunsilk mask, but personally I use the Monoi de Tahiti oil from Yves Rocher as a mask and don't wanna change it! (Monoi de Tahiti Review:

Moving on to the shower gel Japanese Rose from KORRES, which is a Greek company. You should definitely check out this and all KORRES products as they are made of natural ingredients and are terminologically tested. You can find KORRES in lots of countries around the world. This shower gel was a 1+1 deal. It smells wonderfully, having a sweet essence of rose buds and makes your skin velvet soft. It has 92.1% natural content and organic Althea extract. The bottle consists of 250ml. Thumbs up for this company!

Third product is also from a Greek company called Carroten. This company is famous for its sun protection creams, lotions etc. This time I wanted to try a different product from them. It's the CC dream skin multi corrector. It is a sun care face cream with 50 SPF/UVB, meaning high protection. Doesn't contain parabens, is water resistant and terminologically tested.

The cream contains a bit of colour for covering and the one I bought is for light to medium skin tone. The cream contains mineral pigments and protectil complex. I would say it was perfect for some cover up for going to the beach at summer. Personally, I will continue using it now because I like a really soft make up cover. It is perfect as I often forget using sun cream in the winter. Sun cream is important all over the year for all skin types. I should mention that this is by no way a full make up coverage product and could be used as a make up base. It also should be avoided in the area of the eyes. The bottle has an applicator and consists of 50ml.

Moving on to another Greek product. It is the cleansing gel for normal/combination skin from bioten. This product is paraben, paraffin, colorant, soap free and is 100% natural. It has quince extract and wonderful scent. The gel cleans well and leaves your skin really soft. It moisturizes your skin and should be definitely be used for daily skin care routine. Bottle consists of 150ml.

Lastly my sister bought this roll-on deodorant from Noxzema for me. I really liked it, because it has no aroma. It has been perfect for the summer as it was light and doesn't have a strong scent. It lasts for many hours and is definitely worth buying it. The package contains 50ml.

So this was my haul of the routine products I used on my holiday in Greece.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Take care!! xx


Sunsilk range:

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