Monday, July 6, 2015

Ways to relax after a stressful day! +Rituals +GingerTea etc.

hola guys!

It's been again so long since my last post! I'm having a really stressful time because of exams and university! For this reason, I have found some ways to relax when I get home. I decided to share with you guys my ways of relaxing in case I could help any of you to face your own stressful days. You can take some ideas and make some of them or all of them, depending on your time, because I know we all have chores to do. But it's important to take some time for oneself.

First thing I do when I get home is to have a shower. It is for me the best way to calm your body after a difficult day. I tried for the first time the company RITUALS. This company introduces the shower foam range, which is actual foam gel used to shower. I bought the Tai Chi foaming shower gel sensation. Based on organic ingredients, such as White Lotus and YiYiRen it promises to help you having a relaxing experience in the shower. It suggests to you to use it after a really stressful day. It does make you fell relaxed as it makes your skin really soft and calm. Its cost is 8euros for 200ml.

While in the shower I like to clean my face extra with a peeling gel. I prefer a soft one like the one of bebe young care. It softens and cleans your face but it doesn't have hard grains. I also do not choose to do a body peeling at that day. After the shower I use the face cream of the same range of bebe young care. For the body I choose the Shea Butter of The Body Shop. (Here you can find the posts on these products: Bebe and The Body Shop:

I also like to use this Balea product for my eyes. It contains oil and helps removing the last bits of make up from your eyes and gives you a relaxing feeling. Doesn't contain alcohol and perfume. It is a product from dm here in Germany so I hope you find something similar in your countries.

Moving on to a light meal. I make a salad with corn, toasted bread, green salad, tomatoes and chicken. It is so tasty and healthy, I love to eat it for dinner.

I also drink a juice from the innocent range, they are so tasty! I chose the orange and mango for this time. And as you can see I always have a candle, usually vanilla scented. I find it can also make the atmosphere relaxing. I usually watch YouTube videos while eating, from makeup to video games to documentaries.

Before going to bed I like to read a bit. I started the book "Of Love and Shadows" from Isabel Allende. Really fascinating book about love, politics and dreams. On the link down below you can read the summary of the story. It's really worth checking this book, helps you expand your horizons and learn much about Latin America.

While reading my book I like to drink a cup of tea. My favourite one is fresh ginger with honey. Just take a piece of ginger and slice it into small pieces. Then boil some water, when ready put the ginger pieces in and also a teaspoon of honey. It is delicious and so calming.

So, these were my ways to relax after a stressful day. I would love to know your ways of relaxing and your ideas, products that you use and book suggestions.

Take care!! xx


"Of Love and Shadows" Isabel Allende:


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