Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo and Song of the Day! +Smoothies! Enjoy!

hola guys!!

I'm super busy but I had to post as I am so happy that Spring has finally arrived in Germany. The sun is there, yeaaah. Better late than never. So, yesterday was a really sunny day and although I was most of the time in the Uni, some refreshments and cool happy music made my day.

Photo of the Day would definitely have to be this one for me. Arriving home and relaxing while watching this beautiful sunset. The sun always gives a smile on my face. I don't have the chance to enjoy it often here in Germany but when it's there it really makes my day.

Moving on, the days are getting warmer and warmer. So this year I decided, bit too late, to go on the healthy side. A smoothie is the best and healthiest companion for a hot day. Really tasty and can't describe how healthy this is. Yesterday I chose one with the taste strawberry-banana-berries with orange juice to drink after my lunch. Give it a try guys, start drinking smoothies, as it is one of the healthiest choices of refreshment drinks.

Lastly song of the day, is one of a couple of years ago. It's called: Shooting up Sunshine, from Reptile Youth, a rock-pop-electro band from Denmark.
It's the perfect joyful song for a sunny day. Check it out.

That was my short sunny post! Hope you enjoyed it!

Tell me which is your song of the day! 

Take care!! xx


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