Sunday, April 26, 2015

Essence Haul and Review !!

hola, hola, hola guys!

It's been really long from my last post. :/
I have been extremely busy with the university, it's the time for my Bachelor Essay, so stressful!

Anyways, as I got a lot of stuff last month I am so happy I found some time to make a post about them. But since they're quite a few I decided to divide them into categories, so expect another post soon. :)

Here you'll take a look at my new essence products.

Starting up with Nail Care. I guess everybody knows them already as they are very popular among beauty bloggers and I can understand why. So, I bought the essence hardening nail base from the studio nails range. To go with it I bought the XXXL VOLUME plumping top coat from the essence gel-look range. Each of them cost about 2 euros and are so worth buying. When using the base before your nail polish and the gel after it you get the best possible lasting results. I clearly saw a difference after I started using them and my nails look so much better because of the hardening base.

Moving on with Nail Products, I decided, as I bought the Nail Care products above, to start decorating my nails on my own and not using gel nails often. For that reason I bought two essence nail art stickers which I found really cool. They cost 1,25 euros each and I went for bad girl and it's cute. I also bought the nail polish from essence Love & sound, number 02 BLUE-CHELLA, desert Matt. I found it on the sales section in DM costing 1,55 euros, so those of you living in Germany go and check it out. I really like the colour as it is ideal for my summer holidays!

Here's the result of combining all the above! I found it quite nice, but it'd be especially cool in the summer. With the help of the gel polish the colour remained for many days and sticker even more. So give it a try!

Further on I decided to try a mascara and two eye shadows from essence. I got the get BIG! LASHES volume curl mascara and 14 chilli vanilli- 17 no cream, no sugar eye shadows.

The mascara's cost is no more than 3,50 euros and it's a black mascara for maximum volume and extremely thick lashes. It does curl and thicken your lashes but you're gonna need another mascara for separating them as this one tends to stick them together.

I tried to make swatches from the eye shadows but it was difficult to get the colours on a photo as their quite soft and needs lots of repeats to get the colour shown. I enjoy using them though, especially these two colours combined, as they stay long on the eyes. Price was around 2 euros each.

Moving on are the beloved essence lip pencils and the Matt lipstick.
I've seen that everybody adores them and now I know why! Lip liners cost 0,95 cents each and the lipstick around 2,50 euros.

I bought the lip liners (order shown above) 11 in the nude, 06 satin mauve and lipstick 03 come naturally. I am so satisfied by them when you consider how affordable they are and would definitely recommend them. I combine the satin mauve lip liner with the Matt lipstick and the result is really impressive. Thumbs up for these products!

Lastly, again at the sales section of DM I found the Cinderella eye shadow palette from essence 01 it's more than i ever hoped for, costing only 3,75 euros.
As described on the website of essence: "five perfectly aligned eye shadows with a silky-soft texture in one palette. mother-of-pearl, rose, purple, light and dark blue as well as gold will help you create eye make-up styles for any occasion.".

 It was quite an experiment for me buying those kinda of colours for my eyes as I usually use brown or pastel colours. I found the colours very cute though and they gave a very fresh and glowy colour at my eyes. Overall I'm satisfied by this palette.

So that was my essence haul!
Next post coming really soon!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Take care!! xx



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