Thursday, February 19, 2015

New essence and p2 products!

hola guys!

It's been quite a long time since I last posted but I was really busy with my Uni. That's why I also didn't have so much time to go shopping.

But as written in my last post, I tried a new essence concealer and was quite pleased by it. So I paid a visit to dm again and purchased some more essence products and a p2 compact blush and a lipstick.

First thing I bought (actually for the second time) is this essence eyeliner pen. It says it's extra long lasting, which is the truth. I really, really like it! It helps make a precise line on your eyes and it's so much easier to form the line, thin or thick, because of the form of its brush. The price was around 2 euros. It's my new favourite eyeliner and I'll keep buying it!

Secondly I purchased a wonderful lip gloss from essence. Though I'm more of a lipstick person I decided to try this XXXL long lasting lip gloss. I loved it! I bought the colour 13-nude mood, for day to night make up as it is nude but glossy. It does have a minor shine finish and stays on the lips for long time. What is more, it makes the lips look bigger and voluminous. The price was 1,95 euros.

Last 2 products from essence are these nail polishes. I definitely recommend them as they saved me from having to dye my nails every 3 days. First I bought the one you see on the right which belongs to the series nail candies and is the colour 05-sugar pie, honey bunch. As written on the bottle it has 6 benefits for the nails including: hardening, protecting, ridge filling, fast drying and fruity scented with a high gloss finish. The colour is really natural, slightly pinky and glossy. So I decided to combine it with a sparkling nail polish from the nail art series from essence (one on the left). I bought number 21-get the party started! I found it wouldn't be too much as the bottom nail polish is nude. I really like these 2 nail polishes, which also last for so much time. Each cost 1,75 euros.

From p2 I bought a new compact blush from the series glow touch. I bought the number 030-touch of peony. I'm quite pleased with it as it gives you natural pinky cheeks and also stays for long time.

Lastly, I bought this perfect lipstick from p2, number 170-Brooklyn Bridge. As I love nude colours I chose this one which is quite similar to the lip gloss above. It's a bit more pinky than my last one from p2 (009-Message in a Bottle) which you can see in a previous post. I wear it during the day with natural make up and I love the way it makes my lips look kinda of natural pink. The price was 1,95 euros.

That's it for now!
Take care!! xx



  1. Hey Rachel great post! I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! You can check it out here I hope you have an awesome day 

    1. thank you so much! what a beautiful and inspiring blog you have! take care :)

  2. Hi! I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Check out the post below to see what you have to do :)

    Sally x