Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Yves Rocher products!

hola guys!

This post is about a company that I personally only lately discovered and I'm really satisfied by its products. YVES ROCHER.

I actually got a post at Christmas saying I could buy some Yves Rocher products and get a watch as a present.
I visited the shop and purchased the following, starting from top left:

Vitality shampoo for shinny hair. I've been using it and I'm totally satisfied! My hair is kinda of destroyed because of dying it and using heat on it. So, this shampoo (in combination with a heat protector product) makes my hair look really shiny and healthy! Try it out!

Next is a Mascara for Ultra Volume. I found it quite ok, especially as it helps untangling the lashes, so I use it as foundation mascara before applying my other one.

Third is a hand moisturizing cream 2in1 which also helps moisture the skin next to your nails. It smells really unique and flowery.

Right down is a makeup powder I bought as my old one from p2 was finished. Really good results and coverage. It comes in 3 tone colours and is dermatologically tested. It's also appropriate for sensitive skin types.

Lastly is the watch I got as a present, which I love!! I find it really chique and would totally wear it on a night out! Wore it at new years eve!

To sum up, I'm so happy to have discovered this company, as the products are really good and made of natural ingredients! And quite cheap I'd say! So check them out!

           Take care!! xx

(all my links are always referring to the German websites)

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