Wednesday, January 14, 2015

H&M and DM products!

hola guys!

I went to H&M and DM one of the previous days and here is what I purchased.

H&M: So, I found this cute top, which doesn't at all fit with the weather here right now, but it was on sales and cost only 3 euros. I will definitely be wearing it at spring time with a cardigan and at summer time in Greece :D
I also purchased 2 pairs of shoes, also kind of summery and really comfortable (links below).
Finally I got this super cute cap (also for 3 euros) and 2 bows (2,99 euros), whose colour I love.

DM: I'll be mentioning only the stuff, that are lying on the Top, as I'll be posting later a more extended post concerning the items on the left of the photo (mainly make-up removal products).
So, I bought two nail polishes from p2.
Colours: Little dream(016) and Royal love(018) (1,95 euros each). Little dream is kinda of a summer colour but fits an everyday uni outfit perfect as it is soft and plain. Royal love is the peeerfect brown-grey nail polish for winter and can be combined with any outfit. Love 'em!
Lastly, I bought (again from p2 -don't remember price, but no more than 2 euros) a really simple everyday  lipstick in the colour of beige-pink, name: Message in a Bottle (009).

That's it for now! 
Take care!! xx

Left: Little Dream                   Right: Loyal Love


                        BLACK SNEAKERS-
                      VELVET SNEAKERS-
                 (Top and Cap are no longer on the German website)


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