Friday, January 30, 2015

New essence, p2 and C&A products!

hola guys!

I paid a visit to DM and C&A and here's what I purchased:

First stop was C&A. I find this shop quite nice. The clothes and accessories are classics and of good quality. There I just bought a small cherry-star bracelet (photo above), which I found extremely cute! I like to combine it with my bronze-gold Yves Rocher watch. I think it's so pretty and simple and was actually extremely cheap (2 euros).

Next up was the Drugstore DM, where I only wanted to buy a concealer but ended up buying one of the coolest nail polishes I ever owned!
So, as far as the concealer is concerned I chose the Stay Natural concealer by essence. It's the first time I bought this concealer from essence so I hope it will work out well for my skin! I also bought a liquid make-up from p2. It's called Nearly Nude and it's for skin complexion nr. 010, as my skin tone is really light and everything else seems unnatural on my face. It has an anti-shine effect and works quite well, but I'd always suggest a moisturizing cream before the make-up. The price was around 3-4 euros.

Lastly, I bought this perfect nail polish from p2 for 2,50 euros.
It's from the collection Sand Style, number 110 Classy.
I really love it! It's so sparkly an cool and like most of p2 nail polishes it dries up on the nails really quickly. I would definitely suggest it. ;)

Take care!! xx


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